13 Tips To Stay Lean And Healthy

  1. Prepare and carry your healthy foods and snacks with you. I can’t stress this enough! In order to maintain a healthy and lean body you need to get in the kitchen and start cooking and prepping your healthy meals. A lot of people fall of the wagon and never see results of their hard work because they fail to follow basic nutrition principles and do not stay consistent with prepping, carrying with them, and eating their healthy foods throughout the day. You should always know what you are eating today and tomorrow.
  2. Eat Breakfast everyday. By starting your day off right and eating a healthy breakfast you set the tone for the rest of your day. Choose a breakfast high in protein and fiber such as egg whites and oatmeal. The protein and fiber will help keep you full, longer.
  3. Choose nutritious foods for your meals and watch your portions. Your meals should be composed of a variety of green vegetables and fruits, as well as complex carbs, such as quinoa, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, or brown rice, and lean protein sources such as chicken, turkey, fish or tofu. By eating foods high in fiber, low in sugar, and high in protein as well as choosing complex carbohydrates instead of simple carb foods, you will feel full longer and provide your body the steady stream of nutrients it needs. High glycemic foods such as white flour, white rice and white breads/pastas/bagels, cause blood insulin to spike, which has been shown to stimulate fat storage.
  4. Make exercise part of your life. I know a lot of us have busy lives, taking care of family, and working full-time jobs, but this should not be an excuse to exclude physical activity in your daily living. In order to make changes to your physique and improve your overall health, you must get moving. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk to the grocery store instead of driving, exercise before going to work, get up 30 minutes earlier and go for a run around your neighborhood. You don’t need countless of hours in the gym to stay in shape, you just have to stay active and continuously push yourself.
  5. Rescue a dog! Not only are pets awesome, they can help you stay active and you will be saving a life at the same time. I walk my dog, Dunkin, 4-5 times a day, which helps me burn extra calories throughout the day without even thinking about it. Get a furry friend and start walking!
  6. Find an activity you like and enjoy and keep your workouts fun and challenging. I know for me resistance training is my passion. I love my time in the gym, weight training, and always look forward to my workouts. I know some people might prefer running, swimming and/or dancing instead of weight training and that’s ok. You must find what moves you and what makes you happy and get to it. If you truly enjoy whatever it is you are doing, you are more than likely to continue doing that activity and it won’t seem like “work”. As long as you are staying active and happy, this what really matters the most. You should include physical activity most days a week. If you stop seeing results from whatever it is you are doing, then it is time to switch things up or kick your workouts up a notch.
  7. Include your family in your new healthy life. Family can play a big role whether you are successful or not in becoming a healthier person. Talk to your family and tell them your wishes of why you want to become healthier and what it means to you. Sharing your wishes with your loved ones will allow you to be more accountable and having their support can help make the transition easier and who knows you might also inspire them in changing their lives as well.
  8. Avoid distraction while eating. Some studies have found that eating while watching TV, reading the paper, or while on your computer can increase your chances of overeating. This can put you at risk of gaining weight. If you are distracted while eating you might lose tract of how much food you are actually consuming.
  9. Slow down. Take your time while eating and enjoy chewing and savoring your foods. Avoid rushing while you eat which can increase your chances of overeating as well. Slowing down when eating allows you to be more mindful of what, and how much, you are eating as well as help to improve digestion.
  10. Avoid sugar! Sugary drinks such as juices and sodas can put a damper in your healthy weight loss efforts. Not only is sugar detrimental to your health as it can cause inflammation in your body, which can increase your chances of cancer, obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease, but sugary drinks easily add extra calories to your diet. Instead of juices and sodas, drink plenty of water to help flush out toxins from your body and keep you properly hydrated throughout the day. Drinking water can help curve your appetite as well, as it can help keep you feeling full. 
  11. Get rid of junk foods, and high saturated fat foods from your diet. Instead choose healthy snack options such as an apple, nuts (in moderation), hummus or yogurt (I prefer plain yogurt, since the ones with added fruits tend to be very high in sugar). Junk foods offer no nutrition to your body and only serve to add on the unwanted pounds.
  12. Eat frequently and avoid periods of extreme hunger. By eating your healthy meals regularly and frequently through out the day (approximately every 2-3 hours) you decrease your chances of eating large amounts of unhealthy foods due to hunger. Get into an eating schedule and keep your body satisfied.
  13. Stay consistent. Consistency is key in helping you maintain a healthy lean physique. You must make eating healthy and exercising a lifestyle in order to be successful in the long-run. Anyone can go on extreme diets that only work temporarily and excessively exercise with endless hours of cardio to loose weight, but to maintain a lean and healthy physique takes discipline and consistency. You want to enjoy eating healthy, you want to enjoy the way you feel and look, and you want to become leaner and healthier the right way. Avoid crash diets and stay consistent with your healthy eating and exercising, it will pay off.